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Friday, September 02, 2005

Send me photos of your B4 Bag!

Bobbles and Bumps and Beads and Buttons!

Above and below are photos of the bag, knit in

SWTC's Karaoke yarn (50% wool, 50% soy silk) 3 skeins, size 10.5 needles

(Finished Size 11"w X 7"h)

If your LYS doesn't sell Karaoke, there are many yarn options for you to choose from. A bulky wool or double strand of worsted wool (used with larger needles) will give you a sturdier, larger bag. A single strand of a self striping wool such as Noro Kureyon, or K1C2 Paintbox or the Karaoke, will give you a beautiful effect, but will be a felted fabric that is thinner without as much body. You get to choose what you like, all the while using the same pattern! Below are some examples of how you can get different looks by your choice of yarns.

Here are photos of the B4 done in other yarns such as

Araucania's Nature Wool Chunky: (needs buttons, will get updated photo soon)

3 skeins, size 13 needles (Finished Size 12"w X 7"h)


Lamb's Pride Bulky: 2 skeins each color, size 13 needles

(finished size 13"w X10"h)


Double stranded Plymouth Galway: 4 skeins, size 13 needles

(Finished Size 11-1/2"w X 9"h)

Single Strand of Berroco Foliage (Joshua Tree is the Colorway)
This yarn is almost a 50/50 wool-acrylic blend,
but look how beautifully it felts!
I just pulled this out of the washer so it is still blocking....don't mind the cans inside...I was anxious to post the photo!)
This took 4 skeins and I used size 13 needles.
Finished size is 11" x 7"


The bag below was knit by Rae. I met with her a couple weeks ago at her shop in Lansing...Rae's Yarn Boutique. She started knitting up the B-4 Bag right away. This one is done in a new shade of Noro Kureyon. She used a single strand. I just love the colors. Rae made the buttons from polymer clay to coordinate with the colors of the yarn. Love this version!

Finished size 10" wide x 7" tall.

You can see some before pix on her blog


The photo below is of a bag knit by Jan.

She used Noro Kureyon. I just

LOVE the colors in this one!


Here is a bag I just felted yesterday...still blocking, and in need of buttons.

For this bag I used 1 skein each of 4 colors of Lamb's Pride Bulky. I used a single strand throughout and used size 13 needles.

The finished size of this bag is 9-1/2" tall (not including handles) and 13-1/2" wide.

It is noticeably bigger than the Karaoke, Foliage, Kureyon and Nature Wool versions. About the same height as the double stranded Galway, but wider.

This just shows that you never know 'quite' what you're going to get when you are felting....it's not an exact science! All of these bags were knit using the same number of stitches, and the same rows, but depending on the yarn used, you will get different results. All of them quite nice, actually! Play around, make a few for yourself and friends....

Here is another one done in Lamb's Pride Bulky.
This one lives at Heritage Spinning and Weaving
in Lake Orion as their shop sample.

This B4 is done by Kristi in Noro Kureyon. She used 3 skeins of color 131.
The finished size is 11" x 7".
Kristi did her bead rows a little differently, but I love the look.
Nice job, Kristi!

This smaller version of the B4 Bag was done by Sue. She decided not to use the beads or buttons, but just look at this awesome needle-felting she did. Love the pansies, Sue! Great job!

This purple version was knit by Karen.
She sent this photo before finding just the perfect buttons for it.
I'm not really sure how it turned out so much bigger than the others!
She said she used a double strand of worsted weight yarn.
The finished size of this one is 14" wide by 12" high. I think maybe she is a very loose knitter, or the yarn might have been thicker than worsted weight.
In any case, it turned out great!
This B4 was knit with a double strand of Paton's Merino. I don't have the finished dimensions but wanted to add this photo. I love it!


Sherry's version done in Noro Kureyon.
LOVE the colors in this one. Nice job Sherry!
Jal's B-4 Bag
This bag was done by Carla

Here are her notes on what yarn she used, as well as a different needle size, and longer handles:

For the main color I used Plymouth yarn - Outback Wool in color 954 (varigated maroon, different shades of green, and a little black). I bought 2 skeins at 974 yards each and used 2 strands throughout the bag. For the bump rows, I used Loft Classic Zitron in color 1241 (maroon). I bought 4 skeins of this at 100 meters each and also used 2 strands. I had plenty of yarn left over of both colors. I used size 15 needles and made my i-cord handles longer than suggested in the pattern -- they were 25" long before felting. The size of the bag after felting was 9 1/2" high and 13" wide.

Here's another bag done in Karaoke. This one was done by Kathryn. She used buttons from her mum's button box that she recently inherited. Love the cat charm too!

This bag was done by Deb. She used 2 strands of Kureyon. She did some cutting and joining to get the colors of her skeins to line up. Looks like it was worth all the extra effort, wouldn't you say?

Here's a bag done by Kristi of Red Dog Knits. She used Lamb's Pride Bulky.

Isn't it great?


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